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Agenskalns State Gymnasium

Latvia Riga, 

Lavizes street 2A LV- 1002  

+371  67619028



The beginning of our school was detected in the 17th century, when in 1681 the town council decided to base the school across the river Daugava with subject –  German language. The name of our school was changed many times,  it became Agenskalna State Gymnasium in 1996 .


 Now in our school there are studying ~800 students and work ~70 highly qualified teachers, many of them are authors of the textbooks, that are used in many schools in Latvia. Children from many regions of Latvia are learning in 29 classes. Recently the school was renovated and now students have the opportunity to live in the hostel with all amenities.


Latvian, literature, English, French, German, Russian, math, geometry, sport, music, economics, informatics, biology, chemistry, physics, history, geography, technical drawing, history of art, philosophy and psychology, social sciences.


In gymnasium it is offered to acquire math and natural sciences program with three subprograms, as well as general program with more profound studies in literature, history, French and English.


Every year students  are working on projects in history, sciences, art and other subjects.

11 th grade students from gymnasium are preparing  research works and presenting them  to  schoolmates and teachers, but the  best works are presented in the city and the state conferences.Since 2000 Agenskalna State Gymnasium has been one of the top ten schools in Latvia. The students of our school are achieving success in science contests in state and even World.    


There are such free time activities as basketball, volley-ball, floor-ball, frisbee and aerobics.

We have School’s  Sport Day every spring and autumn.

The school has an aerobics hobby group where  Students from pro-gymnasium and  gymnasium are participating. Aerobics festivals are held every year.

Our school’s floor-ball team takes the first positions in Riga’s championships


The school has 2 mixed choirs, chamber choir “Mūžīgais strauts” and the ensemble.

They are in leading positions between school choirs in Latvia, singing in many shows in Riga and in other parts of Latvia. They also have visited Germany, Finland, Norway,  Lithuania and other countries.

Also the folk- dancing group “Vainags” were taking part in dance festivals in Poland, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Russia, Turkey and others.

Every 4 years they are participating in the Students Sing and Dance festival.

What is a State gymnasium?

Latvia has many different types of schools:  preschools, elementary schools, high schools, lyceums, business schools, music schools, art schools  etc. They’re named either after what is their speciality in teaching or they can have numbers.  Some schools get named after famous historical figures but there is only one type of school in Latvia whose title depends on the educational achievements the students have made. This title has to be gained and kept by  high achievement rates in exams,  otherwise this title can be  taken away. This title is a State gymnasium.

The main rule is  – no less than 75% of the grades can be in levels A, B and C for the centralized state exams.

Other just as important rules are :

The school teaches no younger than the 7th grade students;
The school has to offer at least 3 different study programs in the gymnasium classes (10th to 12th grade).

There are also rules that are no longer obligatory but are recommended :

The school has to work as the neighbourhood’s methodological centre;
The school has to have dorms for students to live in, if they live outside of the city.

Study programs for the gymnasium classes (10th to 12th grade)

*General high school education in maths, physics and computer/information studies

*General high school education in biology and chemistry

*General high school education in commerce and computer/information studies

*General high school education in languages and culture.

Other facilities


Since  2000 Agenskalns State gymnasium welcomes students from other cities of Latvia and offers them  dormitory. There are 56 spots available and students are divided in rooms for 2, 4 or 6 persons. 


Library provides students with study books, compulsory literature and periodicals.

Reading room

The reading room offers the students a peaceful study environment complete with study books, various range of literature, accessible computers and a printer.


Our schools gym has recently been renovated and has all the necessary equipment for school and after school activities.


Our psychologist uses  different methods, like sand game for therapy. With the help of the sand game, the patient can symbolically express what he or she feels and needs help with, which is sometimes hard to do with words. The child then talks with the psychologist about what he has created, revealing his true emotions and together they find and tackle the problem in hand.


There is the policeman at the territory of the school who’s main duty is to keep the school grounds secure and in order.

School also has the medical service, cafeteria, canteen, 2 computers’ rooms, printers and copy machines  for common use, TV’s almost in all classrooms and the hall, interactive blackboards, projectors etc.
Each student has the locker for outdoor clothes and personal things.